Photo by Randee Armstrong

Photo by Randee Armstrong

What is Fortune Writer?

Fortune Writer is the live version of receiving a Fortune Cookie but far more enticing and even more sweet. A participant poses a question or provides a topic and the Fortune Writer crafts a completely unique fortune on the spot on one of her beautiful typewriters.

Fortune Writer began as a project with the Ladies of the North in the summer of 2013; wanting to create a mystical performance piece, the typewriter became the crystal ball as we used quick wit to generate Fortunes on demand- giving the recipient insight, a glimpse of hope, or guidance.

Who is the Fortune Writer?

A renaissance woman through and through, Andrea Yacyshyn (Andrea Why) is a multidisciplinary artist working heavily in the area of feelings. A lover of the mystic and with a strong passion for playing dress up, she aims to create a rich experience for each person who visits her table.


Fortune Writer is the perfect interactive entertainment to add to a Gala, Weddings, Fundraiser, or Themed Parties. To inquire about booking for your special occasion, please contact